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Vehicles are drivable entities that are meant to be driven on stages and can be used to collect coins and do various stunts like flips and loops. The player can also choose to upgrade various aspects of a vehicle such as its speed, control, fuel capacity among various other features. Each vehicle has four characteristics that can be upgraded which can differ from vehicle to vehicle. Almost all vehicles are powered by fuel and when they run out of fuel, they cannot be used to drive further. However, the sleigh uses hay for power (presumably for the reindeer).


There are currently 27 vehicles available in game. The jeep is unlocked by default and the rest of the vehicles can be unlocked or bought using coins. The most recent vehicle is the Electric Car. The following is a list of the vehicles, as well as their unlock price in parentheses:
  • JeepGo to Jeep
  • Motocross BikeGo to Motocross Bike
  • Monster TruckGo to Monster Truck
  • TractorGo to Tractor
  • Hippie VanGo to Hippie Van
  • OnewheelerGo to Onewheeler
  • Quad BikeGo to Quad Bike
  • Tourist BusGo to Tourist Bus
  • Race CarGo to Race Car
  • Police CarGo to Police Car
  • AmbulanceGo to Ambulance
  • Super Diesel 4x4Go to Super Diesel 4X4
  • Rally CarGo to Rally Car
  • DragsterGo to Dragster
  • TankGo to Tank
  • Snow MobileGo to Snow Mobile
  • Super OffroadGo to Super Offroad
  • TruckGo to Truck
  • Dune BuggyGo to Dune Buggy
  • HovercraftGo to Hovercraft
  • MinibikeGo to Minibike
  • Big FingerGo to Big Finger
  • Kiddie ExpressGo to Kiddie Express
  • MoonlanderGo to Moon Lander
  • SlieghGo to Sleigh
  1. Jeep (Free)
  2. Motocross Bike (75,000 coins)
  3. Monster Truck (100,000 coins)
  4. Tractor (100,000 coins)
  5. Hippie Van (120,000 coins)
  6. Onewheeler  (150,000 coins)
  7. Quad Bike (175,000 coins)
  8. Tourist Bus (200,000 coins)
  9. Race Car (250,000 coins)
  10. Police Car (350,000 coins)
  11. Ambulance (400,000 coins)
  12. Electric Car (450,000 coins)
  13. Super Diesel 4X4 (500,000 coins)
  14. Rally Car (750,000 coins)
  15. Dragster (800,000 coins)
  16. Fire Truck (800,000 coins)
  17. Tank (1,000,000 coins)
  18. Snow Mobile (1,000,000 coins)
  19. Super Offroad (1,000,000 coins)
  20. Truck (1,000,000 coins)
  21. Dune Buggy (800,000 coins)
  22. Hovercraft (1,000,000 coins)
  23. Minibike (1,000,000 coins)
  24. Big Finger (1,200,000 coins)
  25. Kiddie Express (1,500,000 coins)
  26. Moonlander (1,500,000 coins)
  27. Hot Rod (1,500,000 coins)
  28. Sleigh (1,000,000 coins)

New VehiclesEdit

New vehicles are added with updates, which can be announced on the Fingersoft Facebook page. The most recent new vehicle is the Electric Car.

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