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The Jeep, which is the first vehicle unlocked when you start the game.

Vehicles are one of the main features of the game. The player is available to drive them. There are 23 different vehicles in the game, they are all available to collect coins, do flips and be upgraded. They run on fuel and they stop running when they run out of fuel.

Available vehiclesEdit

There are currently 23 vehicles available ingame. The following is a list of the vehicles, as well as their unlock price in parentheses:

All Vehicles 300x2000

All vehicles besides the MoonLander and Sleigh

  1. Jeep (free)
  2. Motocross Bike (75,000 coins)
  3. Monster Truck (100,000 coins)
  4. Tractor (100,000 coins)
  5. Hippie Van (120,000 coins)
  6. Onewheeler  (150,000 coins)
  7. Quad Bike (175,000 coins)
  8. Tourist Bus (200,000 coins)
  9. Race Car (250,000 coins)
  10. Police Car (350,000 coins)
  11. Ambulance (400,000 coins)
  12. Super Diesel 4X4 (500,000 coins)
  13. Rally Car (750,000 coins)
  14. Dragster (800,000 coins)
  15. Tank (1,000,000 coins)
  16. Snow Mobile (1,000,000 coins)
  17. Truck (1,000,000 coins)
  18. Dune Buggy (800,000 coins)
  19. Hovercraft (1,000,000 coins)
  20. Minibike (1,000,000 coins)
  21. Big Finger (1,200,000 coins)
  22. Kiddie Express (1,500,000 coins)
  23. Moon Lander (1,500,000 coins)
  24. Sleigh (1,000,000 coins)

New vehiclesEdit

New vehicles are added with updates, which are announced on the Fingersoft Facebook page.

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