The super offroad is one of X tracked vehicles in HCR featuring high speed, grip, downforce and decent fuel consumption.

The Super Off-road sports 20 upgrades for the engine, 25 for the tracks, 15 for downforce, and 15 for fuel. All capping at 1,000,000, ~1,300,000, ~800,000, and ~700,000 respectively

The Super off-road works off all conditions with considerable effectiveness and excels on muddy terrain.

This vehicle will take a long time to fully upgrade but is worth it, given it’s good stability and outstanding grip.

Super Offroad

The super offroad is a vehicle in hill climb racing. It costs 1,000,000 coins to unlock.

The super offroad is essentially a combination of the race car and the tank. It has the benefits of both vehicles, with very high speed and stability. It handles jagged edges like in the mountain stage very well. It also does well in forest maps because it can easily drive over them. But if you lose the part on the back, it sucks.