Monster truck

The Monster Truck is the third vehicle in the game and costs 100,000 coins to unlock. The Monster Truck excels in levels like Seasons, Arctic, and Desert. It's also amazing for farming coins because when fully upgraded, it flips like a beast. When on Moon, it is great for getting Air Time and doing flips, and on the Alien Planet it does well because of its immense power. Overall it is a very cost-effective vehicle and its only real flaw is its lack of fuel upgrades. 


The Monster Truck's design is a large body on a lift kit. It's painted orange with five black stripes running from the front tire to the back. It's also equipped with a small antenna and larger tires than than of the Jeep and Motocross Bike.


The maximum upgrades for the Monster Truck are as follows:

Engine : 14

Suspension : 16

Tires : 18

4WD (Four-wheel drive) : 10