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Hill Climb Racing is a 2D platformer racing game developed by the game company Fingersoft. In the game, the players' aim is to use a vehicle to travel the furthest distance possible in a stage, traversing treacherous hills and inclines. Some stages also feature other obstacles that will impede the player's progress, or possibly even harm their character. Along the way, the player collects coins that can be used to unlock new stages and vehicles, and also purchase upgrades on previously unlocked vehicles. There are various strategies for earning large sums of money quickly in the game, although some require specific vehicles to be unlocked, upgraded and used on specific stages.

While driving, players must manage their fuel, which is finite and can only be refilled by collecting fuel canisters that appear in the stages. Running out of fuel will end the game after several seconds. Players must also take care not to flip their vehicle and land on their head, as doing so will break the player character's neck and end the stage. Thus, the objective is to drive as far as possible without dying.

This app is available on Android, iOS, and Windows for free. It can be played using the iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Android, Nexus, Kindle Fire, and Windows devices including Surface Pro. Windows versions of the game 1.27.0 (34) and newer do now have cloud saving support which brings things on-par with the Android version. The app can be obtained via the official and unofficial stores for Android.

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Loading screen.

It requires iOS: 4.3 and up (and is now optimized for the iPhone 5's bigger screen) or Android OS: 2.2 and up or Windows 8 and up.

It can be obtained here for the following platforms from the following links: (Not prohibited for personal reasons)

The latest update is propagated to iPhone first, followed shortly by Android and Windows Phone at the last.


Gameplay on countryside.

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