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This Wiki is about the game app for Android (including the Store), iOS, and Windows devices called Hill Climb Racing.

This app allows the use of third-party music playing apps to run in the background playing music while using this app.

The game is developed and produced by Fingersoft, and the users on this wiki do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Fingersoft, Apple Inc., Google Inc., Inc., Microsoft Corporation, miscellaneous manufacturers, or other related parties. The information on this wiki is intended to be as accurate as possible, but 100% accuracy is not guaranteed.

Hill Climb Racing's updates are prioritized for release on Android first, followed by iOS and Windows shortly after.

About Hill Climb RacingEdit

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Hill Climb Racing is a progressive racing game about climbing hills using racing styled vehicles. It is developed by Fingersoft.

This app is available on Android OS and iOS for free. It can be played using the iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Android, Nexus, and Kindle Fire and currently does not have cloud saving support.

It requires iOS: 4.3 and up (and is now optimized for the iPhone 5's bigger screen) or Andriod OS: 2.2 and up or Windows 8.1 and up.

It can be obtained here for the following platforms from the following links:

You can visit the official Facebook page of the game here .
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