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Did you notify anyone on this Wiki before enabling Discussions? Were there any Forum posts that were archived, & if so, where might they be?
This is likely one of a number of wikis with little to no forum edits that were migrated automatically. That means there were no forum posts to copy or archive.

For cases like this, we don't notify the community of the migration since they're not losing any content, and not losing a feature they were previously using.

However, if you're missing a specific forum thread now, it was most likely deleted (or the forums were disabled entirely by an admin here) before Discussions was enabled. Otherwise it would either have been copied over, or we wouldn't have switched over to Discussions in the first place.
I see. I looked at the WikiFeatures Log & Forum was not by any local admins, so I assume our Forum was simply empty here. Thank you for clarifying.
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